PNY Quadro P2000 Professional Graphics Card, 5GB DDR5, 4 DP 1.4 (4 x DVI adapter
  • PNY Quadro P2000 Professional Graphics Card, 5GB DDR5, 4 DP 1.4 (4 x DVI adapter

    Unmatched Power. Unmatched Creative Freedom

    • CUDA Cores: 1024
    • Peak Single Precision FP32 Performance: 3.0 TFLOPS
    • GPU Memory: 5 GB GDDR5
    • Memory Interface: 160-bit
    • Memory Bandwidth: 140 GB/s
    • System Interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
    • Display Connectors: mDP 1.4 (4)



    Nvidia Quadro P2000—The Performance Required By Demanding Visual Computing Workflows.


    The new Quadro P2000 is the perfect balance of performance, compelling features, and compact form factor delivering incredible creative experience and productivity across a variety of professional 3D applications. It features a Pascal GPU with 1024 CUDA Cores, large 5GB GDDR5 on-board memory, and the power to drive up to four 5K (5120 x 2880 at 60Hz) displays natively. This makes it an excellent choice for accelerating product development and content creation workflows that demand fluid interactivity with large, complex 3D models and scenes.


    Designs are become more complex over time, growing in size and detail. Professional applications are increasing in features and sophistication, enabling users to create more realistic models, adding textures, lighting, and atmospheric effects, allowing customers to evaluate designs more thoroughly before creating costly prototypes, to speed time to decision and time to market.


    The new Quadro P2000 combines the latest GPU architecture and display technologies to deliver the performance and capabilities required by today’s demanding professional applications. Powered by the NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture, the P2000 provides an expansive visual workspace, driving up to four 5K displays so that professionals can view their designs in stunning detail.




    Manufacturing Solutions

    • Designers and engineers can create models with larger assemblies and larger numbers of components, render with higher image quality, or resolution.
    • Quadro P2000 supports multiple displays at up to 5K resolution.
    • Use real-world physics, lighting, and materials during interactive design and visualize with photo-realistic image quality.
    • NVIDIA Iray plug-ins enable designers to visualize designs with photorealistic image quality using physically based lights and materials as an integrated part of their workflow.
    • Combine multiple P2000 cards to provide incredible rendering power for larger, more demanding rendering workloads.


    Media & Entertainment Solutions

    • Editors can work in real time with HDR content and up to 5K full resolution on more complex projects with more layers and effects.
    • 3D texture painting artists can enjoy more creative flexibility in their workflow by keeping a larger number of textures and assets in graphics memory.
    • Visual effects artists can create the more complex models, maintaining a larger number of assets in graphics memory and streamlining their workflow.
    • GPU-powered rendering lets artists visualize creations with photorealistic image quality using application-based, GPU-accelerated rendering or with NVIDIA Iray plug-ins using physically based lights and materials.
    • Create and play back ultra-high quality HDR content with H.264/HEVC encode and decode engines.





    AEC Solutions

    • Architects can create larger models with more details, creating structures with greater levels of realism.
    • Urban designers can create models with more detail and complexity.





    GPU Performance Features


    Pascal GPU Architecture

    Based on state-of-the-art 16nm FinFET Plus process technology to pack over 4 billion transistors and 1024 CUDA cores and up to 3.0 TFLOPs of single precision compute power. The Quadro P2000 graphics board is targeted for professional CAD, DCC and visualization designers, engineers and users. Get the budget friendly highest performing graphics board to drive today’s demanding professional workflows.


    Larger Framebuffer with Ultra-Fast Bandwidth

    5GB GDDR5 memory with up to 140 GB/s memory bandwidth allows designers and animators to model, store and render characters and scenes at unprecedented scale, complexity, and richness.


    Pascal Dynamic Load Balancing

    Dynamically allocate GPU resources for graphics and compute tasks as needed to maximize resource utilization.


    Pascal Compute Preemption

    Preemption at the thread and instruction level provides finer grain control over compute tasks.


    NVIDIA GPU Boost 3.0

    Achieve higher application performance without exceeding the power and thermal envelope of the board. Pascal GPU technology maximizes the boost potential of the GPU.


    H.264 and HEVC Encode/Decode Engines

    Deliver faster than real-time performance for transcoding, video editing, and other encoding applications with one dedicated H.264 and HEVC encode engines and a dedicated decode engine that are independent of 3D/compute pipeline.






    Image Quality Features


    Full-Scene Antialiasing (FSAA)

    Dramatically reduce visual aliasing artifacts or "jaggies" with up to 64X FSAA (128X with SLI) for unparalleled image quality and highly realistic scenes.


    16K Texture and Render Processing

    Texture from and render to 16K x 16K surfaces to support applications that demand the highest resolution and quality image processing.


    Pascal Memory Compression

    Increase bandwidth by up to 20% by reducing the amount of data fetched from memory for each frame with fourth generation, lossless delta compression.







    • Specification

      Product Description

      PNY Quadro P2000 Professional Graphics Card, 5GB DDR5, 4 DP 1.4 (4 x DVI adapters)

      Chipset Manufacturer



      PCI Express 3.0

      Graphics Chipset

      Nvidia Quadro P2000

      Memory Size


      Memory Type


      Memory Interface


      CUDA Cores / Stream Processors

      1024 CUDA Cores


      4 x DisplayPort 1.4

      4 x DP to DVI-D (SL) adapters included

      HDCP Support



      Maximum DP 1.4 Resolution: HDR 5120 x 2880

      DirectX Support

      DirectX 12


      Ultra-quiet active fansink

      PSU Requirements

      <75W maximum power consumption


      See Overview


      4.40” H x 7.90”

      Slot Size

      1 Slot


      Driver CD
      4 x DisplayPort to DVI-D (SL) adapters

      Package Type


      Package Weight

      0.7240 kg


      3 Years