Intel Core i7 9700K 3.6GHz 8x Core Processor - Unlocked

Intel Core i7 9700K 3.6GHz 8x Core Processor - Unlocked

Intel's 8th Gen processors let you have amazing gaming, entertainment and VR experiences. The i7 8700K processor extends all the capabilities that users love from previous generation CPUs with even more advanced innovatations that deliver new levels of performance immersing you into your computing on a veriety of form factors. The 8700K features all the latest Intel technologies to allow you to have the best computing experience ever, and this particular CPU is unlocked allowing you to overclock it to your gaming or production needs.

The 8th Generation Intel Core processors redefine mainstream desktop PC performance. The i7 8700K features six cores for more processing power—that’s two more cores than the previous generation i7 processor. The Unlocked feature on this chip allows for overclocking allowing you to tweak the performance. Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology has also increased the maximum turbo frequency of 4.7 GHz, and up to 12 MB of cache memory, in addition Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology delivers 12-way multitasking support in the latest generation of Intel Core processors. If you're not an enthusiast, dont worry there is a locked 8th Generation version of this chip, the i7 8700 processor that allows you to still enjoy excellent gaming and VR experiences.

  • Specification

    - CPU Type: Intel Core i7
    - CPU Model: 8700K
    - Socket: 1151
    - Architecture: Coffee Lake
    - Manufacturing Process: 14 nm
    - No. of Cores: 6 Core
    - No. of Threads: 12
    - Core Ratio: 37 x
    - Clock Speed: 3.7 GHz
    - Turbo Speed: 4.7 GHz