Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 Gaming Case with Window, ATX, No PSU, 2 x Pure Wings 2
  • Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 Gaming Case with Window, ATX, No PSU, 2 x Pure Wings 2

    be quiet! Pure Base 500 Window White combines customizable and silence features with a compact and sophisticated design.

    • Exchangeable top cover for silent or high-performance systems
    • Two preinstalled Pure Wings 2 140mm fans 
    • Insulation mats on the front, sides and the regular top cover
    • Water cooling ready for radiators of up to 360mm
    • Generous space for high-end graphics cards and large coolers
    • Various options to install up to five SSDs in total
    • PSU shroud and smart cable routing options provide a neat interior
    • Easy PSU installation from the back of the case
    • Side panel made of tempered glass



    Regular Top Cover


    Perfect for silent air-cooled systems

    The regular top cover perfectly rounds off the design of the Pure Base 500. An insulation mat attached underneath ensures a silent operation. It is the perfect choice for air-cooled systems and regular, silent PC configurations. Strong magnets make sure the top covers fits firmly.






    High Performance Top Cover


    Maximum airflow for water-cooled configurations

    For all who strive for maximum performance and especially with water-cooled systems, the extremely air-permeable top cover is the right choice. It is made of light meshed fabrics, ensuring the highest airflow possible. 






    Two Preinstalled Pure Wings 2


    Whisper-quiet operation

    Two preinstalled Pure Wings 2 fans with airflow-optimized fan blades that ensure perfect airflow and cooling. Despite the compact case design the front and rear fans are both 140mm models, resulting in very quiet operation. Up to three 140mm fans can be installed in addition.






    Noise Dampening


    Achieving great silence and stability

    The front, sides and regular top cover are equipped with insulation mats that result in great stability and improved noise dampening capabilities. The dust filters on the front and bottom are easy to remove for cleaning.






    Sophisticated Design


    Generous space for high-end hardware

    The Pure Base 500 provides generous dimensions to install high-end graphics cards and large coolers of up to 190mm in height. Fans or a radiator up to 360mm can be installed easily at the front and the top area also provides space for more fans or a radiator up to 240mm.






    Eye-Catching Features


    And great cable routing possibilities

    Pure Base 500 offers various possibilities for installing up to five SSDs in total. Two can be installed for prominent viewing through the window panel. To hide any unwanted cables, the case offers excellent cable routing options. 






    Functional PSU Shroud


    Offering a neat interior

    The PSU shroud perfectly covers the cables and PSU. It also contains a double HDD cage with decoupled mountings that reduce vibrations and help maximize the silence. The cage can also be repositioned to install a radiator of up to 360mm at the front. The power supply unit can be easily installed from behind, mounted on the PSU bracket provided.






    Tempered Glass Window 


    A perfect view inside your PC

    The high-quality, fully-windowed side panel offers a perfect view of the components inside your PC case. The window is made of tinted and tempered glass with white painted side bars.

    • Specification

      Product Description

      Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 Gaming Case with Window, ATX, No PSU, 2 x Pure Wings 2 Fans, PSU Shroud, White

      Form Factor


      Power Supply Wattage

      No PSU

      Motherboard Support

      ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX

      Connectors / Controls

      2 x USB 3.0
      Mic & Audio

      Drive Bays

      5 x 2.5" Internal
      2 x 3.5" Internal

      Expansion Slots

      7 x Expansion Slots

      Cooling System

      Front: 1 x 140mm Pure Wings fan
      Rear: 1 x 140mm Pure Wings

      Front: 1 x 140mm / 3 x 120mm
      Top: 2 x 140mm / 2 x 120mm


      Water Cooling options:
      Front: 120/140/240/280/360mm radiator
      Top: 120/240mm radiator
      Rear: 120/240mm radiator




      Top cover: ABS
      Side panel: Steel
      Side panel window: Tempered Glass 4mm
      Front panel: ABS
      Stands: ABS


      Max GX Card height: 369mm

      Max CPU Cooler height: 190mm

      Max excluding bottom fan: 258 mm
      Max including bottom fan: 225 mm


      7.53 kg
      Incl. stands: 450 x 231 x 463 mm (L x W x H)
      Side panel window: 400 x 431.3 mm (L x W)

      Additional Features

      See Overview


      Screw set
      Cable ties: 6 | 4 (Velcro)

      Package Weight

      8.9000 kg


      3 Years